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To Bikram Yoga or not to Bikram Yoga?

I have a love hate relationship with Bikram Yoga, I love the feeling at the end of class as it’s a major release and leaves me feeling centred but during Bikram I can struggle big time as it’s a long class and the heat can be overwhelming, hence why I go through on and off phases.

To give you an overview Bikram is a hot style yoga class with the duration of 90 minutes and room temperature is at approximately 42 degrees. Each class consists of the same of 26 postures (performed twice) including two breathing exercises. The benefits of Bikram include weight loss and detoxification due to immense sweating which helps flush out toxins and the heat also improves flexibility, strength and reduces chronic pain. Also, as the class structure remains the same you will be able to measure your improvement with each posture and know what to expect.

How to prepare for a Bikram class :

  1. Be well hydrated, drink at least 2 L of water prior
  2. Do not eat a heavy meal (2 hours prior) light snacks are ok
  3. Bring with you a water bottle , yoga mat and large towel
  4. Get there 10 minutes prior to settle into the yoga room and climatize to the heat

My advice to you is give Bikram a go if it is of interest to you and you are comfortable with excessive sweating but please note that you don’t need to put yourself through such extreme conditions to get similar health benefits… all it comes down to is your personal preference of exercise as you won’t be consistent with exercise you don’t enjoy. Namaste x

Why you should train with a buddy!

The proven benefits of training with a friend.

Sometimes even the best of us lose motivation and struggle to bring ourselves to exercise regularly that is why having a friend who wants to train with us makes the workout process a lot more fun, tolerable and not to mention creates consistency to your training routine.  

Here are the top reasons why you should have a training buddy:

  1. It keeps us accountable and limits our excuses as you don’t want to let your friend down
  2. We develop confidence by having our friend by our side as we can try new exercises and attend new classes with them
  3. The sessions are fun as you are spending time with your friend and being social therefore more likely to commit long term
  4. You will motivate and support one another as you will push each other for that extra rep, extra distance as it becomes a healthy competition between you both


So if the above creates a successful outcome to your training regime why wouldn’t you find a friend?

Welcome to the fitness and wellness hub

Introduction to our new blog

The reason I created this blog is I wanted to keep things real and honest about the fitness and wellness industry as I see a lot of smoky mirrors and fakeness on social media with fitness models promoting weight loss from drinking tea (as if), quotes saying good vibes only, models pretending to eat that plate of pasta (sureee) leaving the audience feeling shit about themselves as to why they cant replicate what they see… how does this help others in becoming happy and healthy? I do my best to train, meditate and eat well when I can however, I do like to indulge and let loose from time to time and that to me is the perfect balance. This is the reason why I can easily maintain a good lifestyle as I incorporate fitness and wellness practices that work for me whilst enjoying the finer things with no regret. This blog will be a platform about our triumphs and struggles in maintaining our best life in essence to share, educate and inspire the audience to be the best version of themselves! I hope you enjoy xx