Can your emotional state effect weight loss?

If you had asked me this question a few years go I would have said NO! My advice would have been as long as you eat right, train right then weight loss would be simple. However, my perspective changed last year as I personally couldn’t drop any weight and my emotional state and stress levels were the contributing factors.

To give you an overview of what occurred, I went overseas and yes I did indulge with no regrets and came back 5 kilos heavier which was totally fine (as I can lose it quite easily) but unfortunately this time my weight wouldn’t budge, not even with the right training and eating at a calorie deficit. That is when the panic took over and I thought it must be hormonal or thyroid issues, so I went straight to the GP for blood tests and to my surprise my tests came back fine and I was in good health, it just made no sense! So out of desperation I thought I better up the ante with stricter meal plans and increased my training intensity and to my dismay after another 6 weeks I still didn’t drop any weight. How could this be ? This situation did my head in, all I can think about is how shit I felt and I just needed to know why is this happening to me and after a visit to my kinesiologist we got the answer. We muscle tested for a diagnosis and what came up was my emotional state and cortisol levels (as I had a few personal setbacks and low moments in 2019 to say the least), my body was simply holding onto weight as it was in survival mode and there was nothing I could do but surrender. It was absolutely devastating as I felt so embarrassed and ashamed about my body especially because I am a personal trainer. I just didn’t feel or look good (in my opinion) and I wouldn’t dare talk about it, well until now as I didn’t want others to think I was being slack or making up excuses.

The only thing left to do was to surrender, shift my focus from my weight to feeling good spiritually by incorporating more self-care activities into my weekly routine (mainly baths, regular down time, massages, breathe work and gentle yoga) and as a result within 1 month my body had reset and bounced back to my normal weight range. I was feeling elated to say the least.

What I learnt from this experience, is that we cannot fight or work against our bodies especially when we are experiencing lows and stresses in life. We must adopt a gentle approach , not train to hard and nurture ourselves during this transition and always pay attention to what our body is trying to signal to us through weight gain, skin conditions, illness, etc in order to get our attention. I have also gained more empathy towards clients when they hit road blocks in their weight loss journey as it’s not as simple as calories in, calories out but our overall lifestyle and mental health which plays a significant role.

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