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Create an effective morning routine

Here are some simple ideas that I implement for my morning routine as it allows me to start the day in a calm, positive and productive manner.  

Prepare the night before as this removes away any stress and obstacles:

Have your gym clothes laid out (if you train in the morning)  or gym bag (if you train after work) this will ensure you wont skip training as it becomes automatic when you get ready in the morning.

Have your work outfit sorted, again one less thing to waste time on by trying to figure it out in the morning.

Pack your work bag & lunch, this allows you to remember all the essentials for the workday and also removes the stress of rushing around in the morning.

Prepare your hair by washing, curling or straightening, this is to save time and to allow more space and time for you.

Set your alarm using a non-stressful tone something calming as it sets the right tone for the day.

Implement the following on the morning of:

Upon waking up mediate in bed for 10 mins, using music or guided mediations this allows you to get your head right and set a good intention for day ahead.

Journal any thoughts, feelings, to do lists as it clears your mind and prevents over thinking.

Hydrate with water this will provide natural energy and straight after I make my Italian espresso whilst getting ready (absolutely love my coffee!).

Keep your morning facial and make-up routine so simple and minimal. This process takes no more than 10 minutes I just cleanse, add b serum, eye and facial moisturiser and finish off with bb cream and mascara.

Last thing I eat breakfast, I keep it easy with a smoothie (only minutes to prepare) whilst reading or watching something uplifting be it health wellness related no social media or distractions its me time!

This process is effortless and allows for a positive start to the day.

What routines can you implement to get the most out of your day ?

Simple wellness practices to enhance your life.

Wellness doesn’t have to be complicated just with these simple tweaks, it will create a massive shift that will have you feeling healthy, balanced, energized and its free!   

  1. Drink Water

Aim to drink at least 2L of water per day. Staying hydrated is so important with many benefits such as increased energy, better digestion, revs up your metabolism, flushes out toxins and maintains regularity just to name a few! It doesn’t have to taste boring add a bit of zing with lemon, fresh mint, cucumber or berries.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is so underrated however without rest and recovery you simply cannot function.  Maintaining a sleep schedule with at least 7-8 hours a night, you will be at your optimum with increased stamina throughout the day, high brain function, lowers cortisol whilst improving your mood.

  1. Eat wholesome food

Use food to fuel your body by providing it with the right nutrients. Eat a variety of colourful food in its most natural form (not refined or processed.) Incorporate a balanced diet with protein, complex carbs, vegetables, fruits & healthy fats with occasional treats. Intuitively connect with your body and give it what it needs.

  1. Self-Care

Carve out time for yourself, in you own space where you can just be. Apart from adopting a healthy lifestyle (physical self-care) we also need to nurture our mind and soul by creating healthy boundaries and activities that make us feel good. This allows us to have a resilient foundation, positivity, mindfulness and motivation. Some examples are taking a bath, go for massage, nature walks, read a book or simply have alone time.

  1. Move your body

When it comes to exercise shift your focus to its many benefits, by living an active lifestyle it instantly improves your health, increases energy levels, prevents disease, boosts your mood and strengthens your body. Find an activity that you enjoy and note it doesn’t have to be extreme just be consistent whether it is simply walking for 30 minutes, a gentle yoga sequence or a HIIT class you can also add some variety to your routine.  

Oh Corona! Iso 2.0

Trying to navigate through this challenging year of COVID-19, here in Melbourne we have gone back in isolation and its absolutely devastating. It feels so much harder this time and yes I acknowledge that I am being negative however,  I am struggling with not having access to my regular routine of the gym, yoga, infra red sauna and massages but most importantly missing the interaction with my friends and family. It’s a very lonely time.  

We all have had to adapt, create a new normal and push forward whether we like it or not! I wanted to share some of the new modalities I have discovered which have helped with my overall well being during this distressing time set out below.

  1. Melissa Wood Health App –she is one amazing soul and has a great platform, for just $9.99 per month you can access all her yoga and pilates workouts (which are suitable for all levels). I love the variety of her workouts, different intensities and shorter sessions for the time poor. When you make the time to complete a workout/mediation by simply showing up with intention, it uplifts your mood and improves your day in an instant.  
  2. Reading books : Not a diet book by James Smith, he is a no nonsense Personal Trainer that gives an interesting take on health and fitness by exposing toxic myths of our diet culture, encouraging you to make a positive change for good . The Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday, he discusses some of the most successful people in history and how they overcome difficult and impossible situations.
  3. Podcasts: Expanded by Lacey Phillips she discusses a modern way for holistic living and manifestation. I have learnt a lot including new manifestation techniques, understanding human design, unblocking our shadows and reading our energetics.
  4. YouTube: I am hooked on the show ‘Impact Theory’ a talk show that explores the mindsets of high achievers and their secrets to success in business, spirituality and health.  My standout episodes are with Ken Honda, Gabrielle Bernstein, Steve Aoki & Laila Ali.
  5. Daily nature walks. Breathing in that cold fresh air, I found this the simplest form of exercise but the most beneficial. It is so grounding for me whilst actively meditating. I will be continuing walking after COVID as this has been an integral part of improving and stabilising my mental health.

Stay safe and well, we are all in this together x

La Dolce Vita

Do Italians do it better?

I have travelled to Italy 5 times and absolutely adore it, one of my favourite places in the world obviously! The Italian culture is like no other, I am fortunate enough to have family there and every time I visit I get to experience the typical Italian lifestyle and always come back home joyful and more cultured.

 What I love about Italy:

  1. The food: It is all about simplicity with quality ingredients and I can declare it is the best food in the world, an orgasm for your taste buds! I love the way food is celebrated with good company. The marathon lunches and devouring meals that gave us pure joy, not to mention the siesta that would follow after our food coma. Some of my favourite dishes are margarita pizzas, pasta vangole and lemon delizioza, to put it simply any dish you try will be phenomenal.
  2. Italian breakfast: As the Italian saying goes you must always start the day with something sweet! Espresso coffee with a cornetto (italian pastries) OMGGGGG.
  3. Fashion: Italian style is effortless and what I admire is everyone has their own unique style and they ALWAYS present well, Italians dress to impress no matter where they go.
  4. Architecture: home to the most beautiful and incredible historic monuments such as the Colosseum, St Peters Basilica, Duomo di Milano and so much more.  
  5. Apertivo: Home of the Sprtiz the ultimate apertivo cocktail, again its another excuse to get together with friends to enjoy pre-dinner drinks and food.
  6. The passeggiata:  A walk or stroll after dinner with friends in the main Piazza. It combines exercise, showing off your new outfit and enjoying a gelato.

The Italian culture is all about enjoying the finer things in life, quality time with family and friends and embracing the present moment. As I am one who can get lost in routine and in turbo mode that is why I love to reset in Italy as it reminds me to find joy in the everyday and live in the moment. 

Finding your Zen

Mastering Meditation 

Why do we need to mediate? As you know in this crazy busy world, we all want to be zen, grounded and create the right balance for our overall health and well being. For me the struggle was making the time to slow down, shut off and be still which in theory shouldn’t be an issue as you only need approximately 10 minutes of the day to meditate. Another issue was I kept putting it off and the thought of slowing down felt difficult. However, I had to make the change when I kept getting sick and burning out from stress. In my quest for creating a healthy well-being I finally had to succumb to mediation. 

First off, I created a method to make mediation easy for me which was to incorporate mediation as part of my daily routine and do it the same time everyday (when I first wake up in bed). Secondly, I use a guided mediation to give me some direction, I like to use the app called ‘insight timer’ and if I want to change it up I go to you tube and pick a mediation randomly. Having been consistent with mediation for over 5 months, I now have a greater understanding as to the many benefits that it brings into my life and not to sound preachy but we should all take the time to go within. The benefits I have discovered is that I am not as reactive in stressful situations, I have created more space and healthy boundaries for myself and others, feeling strong and calm, I am more present and insightful with the day to day life. 

All in all to be at your best and operate at an optimum level, regular mediation is the way.  

To Bikram Yoga or not to Bikram Yoga?

I have a love hate relationship with Bikram Yoga, I love the feeling at the end of class as it’s a major release and leaves me feeling centred but during Bikram I can struggle big time as it’s a long class and the heat can be overwhelming, hence why I go through on and off phases.

To give you an overview Bikram is a hot style yoga class with the duration of 90 minutes and room temperature is at approximately 42 degrees. Each class consists of the same of 26 postures (performed twice) including two breathing exercises. The benefits of Bikram include weight loss and detoxification due to immense sweating which helps flush out toxins and the heat also improves flexibility, strength and reduces chronic pain. Also, as the class structure remains the same you will be able to measure your improvement with each posture and know what to expect.

How to prepare for a Bikram class :

  1. Be well hydrated, drink at least 2 L of water prior
  2. Do not eat a heavy meal (2 hours prior) light snacks are ok
  3. Bring with you a water bottle , yoga mat and large towel
  4. Get there 10 minutes prior to settle into the yoga room and climatize to the heat

My advice to you is give Bikram a go if it is of interest to you and you are comfortable with excessive sweating but please note that you don’t need to put yourself through such extreme conditions to get similar health benefits… all it comes down to is your personal preference of exercise as you won’t be consistent with exercise you don’t enjoy. Namaste x

Lost your training mojo?

How to get your fitness mojo back!

Being as diligent and devoted to my regular training (6 times per week with ease), I struggled to comprehend why I lost my motivation and energy to want to train as I couldn’t fathom why?

In the past of course there were days when I didn’t want to train however, I would somehow manage to take the day off or train moderately then allow myself to naturally get back into my normal training regime. But unfortunately, this time was so different as I found it easy to talk myself out of going to train and just the thought of it felt so exhausting.

So, what does one do in times like this… firstly, I gave myself 4 days off to decompress as I needed to break the circuit without the guilt. After my mini break I planned my sessions a week ahead by attending group classes so that I didn’t have to think or plan the session. I would train some sessions with my friend who also gave me that push. Regarding my strength workouts I would write my program prior to avoid procrastination or wasting time at the gym. Also setting new fitness goals to add purpose to your training, mine was getting a PB for BB squats. Finally, I began to reason with myself that if I wasn’t feeling it just show up and if after 15 minutes into the session I still wasn’t feeling it then I could leave, which never happened! After a couple of weeks of implementing the above I noticed my stamina and fitness improved significantly and I felt the drive to train again.

So to recap when losing your mojo, take a little break and incorporate self-care, add variety to your training regime with group training, reach out to a friend and train together for motivation, plan ahead gym work outs to be efficient, set new goals to work towards and use you will power to get you to show up.

In conclusion enjoy the process, be well and if you need further support I am here to help!

Welcome to the fitness and wellness hub

Introduction to our new blog

The reason I created this blog is I wanted to keep things real and honest about the fitness and wellness industry as I see a lot of smoky mirrors and fakeness on social media with fitness models promoting weight loss from drinking tea (as if), quotes saying good vibes only, models pretending to eat that plate of pasta (sureee) leaving the audience feeling shit about themselves as to why they cant replicate what they see… how does this help others in becoming happy and healthy? I do my best to train, meditate and eat well when I can however, I do like to indulge and let loose from time to time and that to me is the perfect balance. This is the reason why I can easily maintain a good lifestyle as I incorporate fitness and wellness practices that work for me whilst enjoying the finer things with no regret. This blog will be a platform about our triumphs and struggles in maintaining our best life in essence to share, educate and inspire the audience to be the best version of themselves! I hope you enjoy xx