Create an effective morning routine

Here are some simple ideas that I implement for my morning routine as it allows me to start the day in a calm, positive and productive manner.  

Prepare the night before as this removes away any stress and obstacles:

Have your gym clothes laid out (if you train in the morning)  or gym bag (if you train after work) this will ensure you wont skip training as it becomes automatic when you get ready in the morning.

Have your work outfit sorted, again one less thing to waste time on by trying to figure it out in the morning.

Pack your work bag & lunch, this allows you to remember all the essentials for the workday and also removes the stress of rushing around in the morning.

Prepare your hair by washing, curling or straightening, this is to save time and to allow more space and time for you.

Set your alarm using a non-stressful tone something calming as it sets the right tone for the day.

Implement the following on the morning of:

Upon waking up mediate in bed for 10 mins, using music or guided mediations this allows you to get your head right and set a good intention for day ahead.

Journal any thoughts, feelings, to do lists as it clears your mind and prevents over thinking.

Hydrate with water this will provide natural energy and straight after I make my Italian espresso whilst getting ready (absolutely love my coffee!).

Keep your morning facial and make-up routine so simple and minimal. This process takes no more than 10 minutes I just cleanse, add b serum, eye and facial moisturiser and finish off with bb cream and mascara.

Last thing I eat breakfast, I keep it easy with a smoothie (only minutes to prepare) whilst reading or watching something uplifting be it health wellness related no social media or distractions its me time!

This process is effortless and allows for a positive start to the day.

What routines can you implement to get the most out of your day ?

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