Finding your Zen

Mastering Meditation 

Why do we need to mediate? As you know in this crazy busy world, we all want to be zen, grounded and create the right balance for our overall health and well being. For me the struggle was making the time to slow down, shut off and be still which in theory shouldn’t be an issue as you only need approximately 10 minutes of the day to meditate. Another issue was I kept putting it off and the thought of slowing down felt difficult. However, I had to make the change when I kept getting sick and burning out from stress. In my quest for creating a healthy well-being I finally had to succumb to mediation. 

First off, I created a method to make mediation easy for me which was to incorporate mediation as part of my daily routine and do it the same time everyday (when I first wake up in bed). Secondly, I use a guided mediation to give me some direction, I like to use the app called ‘insight timer’ and if I want to change it up I go to you tube and pick a mediation randomly. Having been consistent with mediation for over 5 months, I now have a greater understanding as to the many benefits that it brings into my life and not to sound preachy but we should all take the time to go within. The benefits I have discovered is that I am not as reactive in stressful situations, I have created more space and healthy boundaries for myself and others, feeling strong and calm, I am more present and insightful with the day to day life. 

All in all to be at your best and operate at an optimum level, regular mediation is the way.  

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