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Introduction to our new blog

The reason I created this blog is I wanted to keep things real and honest about the fitness and wellness industry as I see a lot of smoky mirrors and fakeness on social media with fitness models promoting weight loss from drinking tea (as if), quotes saying good vibes only, models pretending to eat that plate of pasta (sureee) leaving the audience feeling shit about themselves as to why they cant replicate what they see… how does this help others in becoming happy and healthy? I do my best to train, meditate and eat well when I can however, I do like to indulge and let loose from time to time and that to me is the perfect balance. This is the reason why I can easily maintain a good lifestyle as I incorporate fitness and wellness practices that work for me whilst enjoying the finer things with no regret. This blog will be a platform about our triumphs and struggles in maintaining our best life in essence to share, educate and inspire the audience to be the best version of themselves! I hope you enjoy xx

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