La Dolce Vita

Do Italians do it better?

I have travelled to Italy 5 times and absolutely adore it, one of my favourite places in the world obviously! The Italian culture is like no other, I am fortunate enough to have family there and every time I visit I get to experience the typical Italian lifestyle and always come back home joyful and more cultured.

 What I love about Italy:

  1. The food: It is all about simplicity with quality ingredients and I can declare it is the best food in the world, an orgasm for your taste buds! I love the way food is celebrated with good company. The marathon lunches and devouring meals that gave us pure joy, not to mention the siesta that would follow after our food coma. Some of my favourite dishes are margarita pizzas, pasta vangole and lemon delizioza, to put it simply any dish you try will be phenomenal.
  2. Italian breakfast: As the Italian saying goes you must always start the day with something sweet! Espresso coffee with a cornetto (italian pastries) OMGGGGG.
  3. Fashion: Italian style is effortless and what I admire is everyone has their own unique style and they ALWAYS present well, Italians dress to impress no matter where they go.
  4. Architecture: home to the most beautiful and incredible historic monuments such as the Colosseum, St Peters Basilica, Duomo di Milano and so much more.  
  5. Apertivo: Home of the Sprtiz the ultimate apertivo cocktail, again its another excuse to get together with friends to enjoy pre-dinner drinks and food.
  6. The passeggiata:  A walk or stroll after dinner with friends in the main Piazza. It combines exercise, showing off your new outfit and enjoying a gelato.

The Italian culture is all about enjoying the finer things in life, quality time with family and friends and embracing the present moment. As I am one who can get lost in routine and in turbo mode that is why I love to reset in Italy as it reminds me to find joy in the everyday and live in the moment. 

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