Oh Corona! Iso 2.0

Trying to navigate through this challenging year of COVID-19, here in Melbourne we have gone back in isolation and its absolutely devastating. It feels so much harder this time and yes I acknowledge that I am being negative however,  I am struggling with not having access to my regular routine of the gym, yoga, infra red sauna and massages but most importantly missing the interaction with my friends and family. It’s a very lonely time.  

We all have had to adapt, create a new normal and push forward whether we like it or not! I wanted to share some of the new modalities I have discovered which have helped with my overall well being during this distressing time set out below.

  1. Melissa Wood Health App –she is one amazing soul and has a great platform, for just $9.99 per month you can access all her yoga and pilates workouts (which are suitable for all levels). I love the variety of her workouts, different intensities and shorter sessions for the time poor. When you make the time to complete a workout/mediation by simply showing up with intention, it uplifts your mood and improves your day in an instant.  
  2. Reading books : Not a diet book by James Smith, he is a no nonsense Personal Trainer that gives an interesting take on health and fitness by exposing toxic myths of our diet culture, encouraging you to make a positive change for good . The Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday, he discusses some of the most successful people in history and how they overcome difficult and impossible situations.
  3. Podcasts: Expanded by Lacey Phillips she discusses a modern way for holistic living and manifestation. I have learnt a lot including new manifestation techniques, understanding human design, unblocking our shadows and reading our energetics.
  4. YouTube: I am hooked on the show ‘Impact Theory’ a talk show that explores the mindsets of high achievers and their secrets to success in business, spirituality and health.  My standout episodes are with Ken Honda, Gabrielle Bernstein, Steve Aoki & Laila Ali.
  5. Daily nature walks. Breathing in that cold fresh air, I found this the simplest form of exercise but the most beneficial. It is so grounding for me whilst actively meditating. I will be continuing walking after COVID as this has been an integral part of improving and stabilising my mental health.

Stay safe and well, we are all in this together x

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