Mafalda Di Donato

Founder and Director

Mafalda is a healer, holistic coach & PT.

Here is her story:

From a young age sport and fitness has been an integral part of my life as an athlete. Even though I was always fit and disciplined, I struggled with body image and confidence issues stemming from  the need to be perfect and in control. I began burning out, anxious and stressed from training too extreme but that was all I knew, thinking I was healthy.

However, after going through a bad break up and developing depression at the age of 23 I knew I had to change my ways by ceasing self-sabotage patterns and sought out help in order to create balance and a healthy lifestyle. That is when I appointed a personal trainer/wellness coach and with regular strength training I began to feel good because I became stronger, more positive and present.  

Thinking I had it all under control life again took a  turn in my late 20’s as I experienced another personal trauma which triggered depression and regular training wasn’t enough anymore. I turned to spirituality intuitively and found additional ways to manage my health and wellbeing, I incorporated holistic modalities such as energy healing(reiki), kinesiology, yoga and acupuncture. Not to say these methods are for everyone but I knew I didn’t want to take the clinical western route and from regular training and new holistic regime I am now  able to be and operate at my best (most of the time).  

My drive and motivation is now to help, support and empower others to be their best.  

Ellena Tsatsos


Ellena is a personal trainer, posing and wellness coach.