The Fitness and Wellness Hub is accessible to all clients local, interstate and international.
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Our beautiful space is located in Vermont, Victoria. We have created a peaceful environment to ensure you get the most from your time spent working with us.

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Zoom & on-line sessions are available for interstate or international clients and for those who prefer to work form the comfort of their own homes.

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Intuitive ENERGY Healings

The session involves your Healer channeling energy and using their hands on or near your body as they create positive life force energy, improve your natural flow of energy, strengthen and align your body and clear away any tension, emotional or energetic blockages.  Throughout the session your healer will provide feedback based on any issues that arise and guidance on any downloads received intuitively. $100.00 for 45 minutes.

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holistic Coaching

TFWH’s support sessions are individually designed to help you achieve your goals and desires. Our coach will guide you in developing your purpose, connecting with your authentic self, have greater self-awareness and to be fulfilled in order to improve any aspect of your life.

We can assist you with issues relating to lifestyle, weight, relationships with self and others, grief, business, career and overcoming any negative behavioral patterns. This is offered on line or in person.$80.00 for 45 minutes

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Distant Healings

The Healer conducts the session by transferring their healing energy to the recipient, no matter where they are at an agreed time. The Healer channels in positive life force energy and heals the recipient on all physical, spiritual and emotional levels. After the session the Healer will also provide feedback via email. $75.00 for healing

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*Other therapy referrals also available.

Personal Training

What ever your health and fitness goals may be, TFWH will provide training programs tailored to you based on time available, training facilities (home or gym) and meal ideas along with guidance and support, priced at $250.00 for 4 weeks.

For the ultimate transformation try our 8 week Reboot Program that includes weekly check-ins, fitness programs, meal plans and ongoing support provided. Available for all levels beginner, intermediate and advanced, costs $400.00

We also offer corporate staff packages for PT, group training and wellness coaching (quote available on request). 

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Please note: weekly and installment payment options available on request

Silver Package


  • 1 energy healing 
  • 3 coaching sessions
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