Simple wellness practices to enhance your life.

Wellness doesn’t have to be complicated just with these simple tweaks, it will create a massive shift that will have you feeling healthy, balanced, energized and its free!   

  1. Drink Water

Aim to drink at least 2L of water per day. Staying hydrated is so important with many benefits such as increased energy, better digestion, revs up your metabolism, flushes out toxins and maintains regularity just to name a few! It doesn’t have to taste boring add a bit of zing with lemon, fresh mint, cucumber or berries.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is so underrated however without rest and recovery you simply cannot function.  Maintaining a sleep schedule with at least 7-8 hours a night, you will be at your optimum with increased stamina throughout the day, high brain function, lowers cortisol whilst improving your mood.

  1. Eat wholesome food

Use food to fuel your body by providing it with the right nutrients. Eat a variety of colourful food in its most natural form (not refined or processed.) Incorporate a balanced diet with protein, complex carbs, vegetables, fruits & healthy fats with occasional treats. Intuitively connect with your body and give it what it needs.

  1. Self-Care

Carve out time for yourself, in you own space where you can just be. Apart from adopting a healthy lifestyle (physical self-care) we also need to nurture our mind and soul by creating healthy boundaries and activities that make us feel good. This allows us to have a resilient foundation, positivity, mindfulness and motivation. Some examples are taking a bath, go for massage, nature walks, read a book or simply have alone time.

  1. Move your body

When it comes to exercise shift your focus to its many benefits, by living an active lifestyle it instantly improves your health, increases energy levels, prevents disease, boosts your mood and strengthens your body. Find an activity that you enjoy and note it doesn’t have to be extreme just be consistent whether it is simply walking for 30 minutes, a gentle yoga sequence or a HIIT class you can also add some variety to your routine.  

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