Lost your training mojo?

How to get your fitness mojo back!

Being as diligent and devoted to my regular training (6 times per week with ease), I struggled to comprehend why I lost my motivation and energy to want to train as I couldn’t fathom why?

In the past of course there were days when I didn’t want to train however, I would somehow manage to take the day off or train moderately then allow myself to naturally get back into my normal training regime. But unfortunately, this time was so different as I found it easy to talk myself out of going to train and just the thought of it felt so exhausting.

So, what does one do in times like this… firstly, I gave myself 4 days off to decompress as I needed to break the circuit without the guilt. After my mini break I planned my sessions a week ahead by attending group classes so that I didn’t have to think or plan the session. I would train some sessions with my friend who also gave me that push. Regarding my strength workouts I would write my program prior to avoid procrastination or wasting time at the gym. Also setting new fitness goals to add purpose to your training, mine was getting a PB for BB squats. Finally, I began to reason with myself that if I wasn’t feeling it just show up and if after 15 minutes into the session I still wasn’t feeling it then I could leave, which never happened! After a couple of weeks of implementing the above I noticed my stamina and fitness improved significantly and I felt the drive to train again.

So to recap when losing your mojo, take a little break and incorporate self-care, add variety to your training regime with group training, reach out to a friend and train together for motivation, plan ahead gym work outs to be efficient, set new goals to work towards and use you will power to get you to show up.

In conclusion enjoy the process, be well and if you need further support I am here to help!

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