Why you should train with a buddy!

The proven benefits of training with a friend.

Sometimes even the best of us lose motivation and struggle to bring ourselves to exercise regularly that is why having a friend who wants to train with us makes the workout process a lot more fun, tolerable and not to mention creates consistency to your training routine.  

Here are the top reasons why you should have a training buddy:

  1. It keeps us accountable and limits our excuses as you don’t want to let your friend down
  2. We develop confidence by having our friend by our side as we can try new exercises and attend new classes with them
  3. The sessions are fun as you are spending time with your friend and being social therefore more likely to commit long term
  4. You will motivate and support one another as you will push each other for that extra rep, extra distance as it becomes a healthy competition between you both


So if the above creates a successful outcome to your training regime why wouldn’t you find a friend?

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